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Incredible India.
139hmyn tmb (by krta)

pixierainbows said: Heyy :) OMG i love your blog so much <3 just a quick question are you indian ??

Aw, thank you :) And yes, we’re both of Indian origin. 

13Gwailor.  Madhya Pradesh (by Tito Dalmau)
34Qutub Minar (by aditya vikram singh)
19Moo. (Alley) (by krissen)

heartbeforebody said: your blog is like wow!!! Love it :)

thank you c:


Varanasi, India
Knut Egil Wang
142(via Maha Kumbh Mela | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

eDSC_0020 (by Arunima.)

Sunrise over the Taj Mahal (by David Alexander Elder)